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Social Currency Ventures® is an exclusive collective of influencers with a growing list of member privileges and career opportunities that have never been offered anywhere else. For each member benefit, we offer a corresponding brand service that can be used to seamlessly connect your business with our influential family.

Called a “wunderkind” by GQ and a “mastermind” by Allure; SCV was founded by Killian Wells, a millennial CEO who’s a public figure himself with verified accounts across social media. Wells got his start as a pop music artist and producer who independently secured more product placements in just a few years than most major label artists do in a lifetime. Wells is the CEO and creative director of the award-winning celebrity-partnered fragrance brand Xyrena®, and he frequently appears in the press (Entrepreneur, AdWeek, MTV News, and Playboy, to name a few) for his innovative approaches to business and marketing.


CloutCredit™ Affinity Program

CloutCredit™ is the first and only affinity program for influencers. Members can use their digital or physical CloutCredit™ card to receive private discounts from your brand via our secure virtual marketplace. We have redemption methods for every e-commerce platform and brick-and-mortar business.

In exchange for a deep discount, your brand benefits from getting your products directly in front of our family of top influencers who become valuable loyal customers and tell their friends and fans to follow suit.

Offering a CloutCredit discount saves your brand the time and money of fielding discount and trade requests from individual influencers, ensures that only those with verified clout are receiving the goods and services, and can potentially lead to genuine organic endorsements at a fraction of the cost of traditional sponsorships.

We create a custom page for your brand with product or service highlights, the deal overview (with redemption instructions), and social media links so that members can easily follow or mention/tag your brand anytime.

In addition to everyday member discounts (with no promotional commitments on their part), you may also choose to offer big-ticket items (typically $500+) that members may pay for using social currency. Simple terms are set for these barters, and members sign a straightforward agreement with your brand without ever leaving our site. You deliver the agreed-upon merchandise or services, and the member fulfills their promotional obligation (such as an Instagram post or YouTube integration) and forwards the deliverables to your designated brand manager right from our portal.

Smart Marketing

The world’s top brands know that celebrity gifting is a proven method of marketing* with great returns because the investment is little more than the cost of goods. Evaluating requests from self-proclaimed influencers and their reps on a daily basis can be overwhelming. SCV is an invitation-only organization so you can rest assured that your generous discounts and gratis merchandise are only going to the top individuals in social media.


TIME Magazine: Celeb Schwag: Famous People Get $100K Worth of Free Stuff Annually

Vulture: How Celebrities Get Almost Everything for Free

Easy Integration

Already have an internal rewards program or VIP gifting process for celebrities? SCV offers multiple solutions for seamless integration. Some of the options include:

+ Integrating our membership numbers into your system to recognize SCV members using their physical or digital CloutCredit™ card.

+ Private discount links, custom coupon/group codes, or printable & digital vouchers

Custom Brand Page

Your custom brand page on SCV can be setup however you’d like and include features such as a hook to open an external app, a click-to-call button, or an embedded store locator. We also include all of your social media links so influencers can easily find your brand.

Your Virtual Celebrity Gifting Suite

Traditional Hollywood gifting suites are a waste of money and have very little ROI or PR value in todays virtual era. Paying upwards of $50K just to give your products away to D-List celebrities or their assistants is a joke. SCV gets your merchandise directly in the hands of pre-screened influencers who only take your product if they want it, which translates to a much better chance of them sharing their enthusiasm and brand loyalty on social media. Launching a new product? SCV can also gift swag directly to our member roster on your behalf with our in-house shipping fulfillment. 

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