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I’m an influencer but don’t have an invitation…

We have very strict internal criteria for membership. We must be highly selective to uphold the integrity of our brand partners and so as not to dilute the quality of our own organization.

Influencers are welcome to submit an invitation request here.

Please note, we're unable to respond to requests for updates on membership consideration. If you don’t hear from us within six months you may submit another application. Repeat submissions over a short period of time will automatically be blacklisted by our system indefinitely.

I received an invitation, how do I register?

Membership registration is by invitation only. In order to secure access to our site, registration is an easy but multi-step process…

  1. Potential members are directly provided with a registration link (by e-mail, DM, text, etc.) and a unique invitation code.
  2. The invitation access code is authenticated by our system before a potential member may proceed with registration.
  3. The registration form is completed and a passcode is immediately sent to the registrants mobile number which must be verified by entering the code on our site.
  4. Registration is then sent to our team for manual approval to prevent access by unauthorized individuals.
  5. Once registration has been approved an e-mail is sent. At this time new members may then access the site with their chosen username and password.
How much does SCV membership cost? How long does membership last?

Once initiated, influencers receive a lifetime membership at no cost.

SCV may terminate a membership (at our sole discretion) for any reason or Terms & Conditions violations including breach of confidentiality, which we take very seriously.

How is SCV different from companies like Niche?

SCV membership provides influencers with substantial privileges and career opportunities that are much different from Niche. SCV membership is also by invitation only whereas Niche and similar organizations are open to all creators.

Check out what we offer here.

Does SCV communicate with my agent/manager?

Typically, no.

In a similar fashion to companies like Cameo, your relationship with us is direct with no middleman.

Unique cases may require that we coordinate with your representation, but to maintain a membership with SCV we expect that you (not a third-party) will be our main point contact.

I’m signed with an agent and/or manager. Can I still be an SCV member?

100% yes!

While SCV does offer traditional management services to select members on a case-by-case basis, SCV membership itself does not inherently conflict with existing business relationships nor are members under any obligation to take advantage of any of our complimentary or commission-based services.

In the off chance that your membership poses a professional conflict in the future you may leave anytime, no strings attached.


Which social media metrics does SCV analyze?

SCV’s proprietary software aggregates and monitors a wide variety of social media analytics to accommodate all different types of creators on our member roster. As new outlets emerge we continually evaluate integrating their metrics into our system. Currently the following analytics (combined with human assessment) are used to create an internal Social Currency Score...

Facebook: Page Likes

Twitter: Followers

Instagram: Followers

YouTube: Subscribers, Total Video Views, Average Lifetime Views Per Video (Total views divided by number of uploads)

Twitch: Subscribers, Total Views, Average Lifetime Views Per Stream (Total views divided by number of streams)

VEVO: Subscribers, Total Views, Average Lifetime Views Per Video (Total views divided by number of music videos)

Periscope: Followers, Total Likes/Hearts, Average Likes Per Broadcast (Total likes divided by number of broadcasts). We count each like/heart as a video view and add it to the Total Video Views.

Spotify: Followers

Famous Birthdays: Most Popular Ranking

Wikipedia: Total Page Views in the Past 60 Days

Pornhub: Followers, Total Video Views, Average Lifetime Views Per Video (Total views divided by number of uploads)

IMDb: Credits

TikTok: Followers, Total Hearts, Average Hearts Per Video (Total hearts divided by number of TikTok videos). We count each like/heart as a video view and add it to the Total Video Views.

Snapchat: Followers

Apple Music: Avg. Daily Listeners

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