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Check out a breakdown of our live and in-the-works services here. All included for free with your membership as an influencer.

Our services are very different, such as the CloutCredit™ affinity program which offers influencers perks that they actually want or need on an everyday basis. Also, SCV membership is by invitation only whereas Niche and similar organizations are open to all creators.

Membership registration is by invitation only. In order to secure access our site registration is a three-step process…

  1. Potential members are provided with a registration link and a unique one-time-use invitation code.
  2. The access code is authenticated by our system before a potential member may proceed with registration.
  3. Registration is then sent to our team for manual approval to prevent access by unauthorized individuals.

You may apply for consideration by the SCV board by filling out this application:

Please note that we have very strict internal criteria for membership based on a unique combination of followers, engagement, and relevancy in your field. We must be highly selective to uphold the integrity of our brand partners and so as not to dilute the quality of our own organization.

We invite roughly 75 new members per year which is equal to about only 1 out of every 3,720 influencers who are verified on Twitter.

We're also unable to respond to requests for updates on membership consideration. If you don't hear from us we invite you to re-apply after six months. Repeat submissions over a short period of time will automatically be blacklisted by our system.


While SCV does offer traditional management services to select members on a case-by-case basis, our CloutCredit™ program is absolutely not a management or agency agreement/replacement.

Not at all. All benefits offered to our members are totally optional.

To maintain membership we only ask that you keep your contact info (mobile number, e-mail, and mailing address) up-to-date via your online dashboard so you can get the most out of your membership.


Social Currency Ventures® has developed the first elite affinity program exclusively for celebrities and influencers. With CloutCredit™, members can receive luxury products and services with discounts of up to 100%.

Because of our membership exclusivity SCV is able to negotiate amazing deals and extend them to our members.

Our benefits are different from paid endorsements because many of our perks are for things influencers want, need, and are probably currently paying full price for. We're weeding through the jungle of brands and bringing you the best of what this material world has to offer at the best possible pricing.

SCV is just getting started so members can expect to see exciting developments and tons of benefits to help manage and grow their careers while saving thousands of dollars a year in the process.

There are absolutely no fees for the CloutCredit membership or its benefits.

Some à la carte career services from SCV (outside of the CloutCredit program) are charged on a per-project basis.

Once initiated, influencers receive a lifetime membership. Per our account agreement SCV may terminate a membership (at our sole discretion) at anytime for TOS (terms of service) violations including confidentiality, which we take very seriously.


For standard CloutCredit discounts there is no expectation or requirement of a social media mention or endorsement of the partner brand. Our partners offer members excellent ongoing discounts to build and retain brand loyalty and organic promotion. Unless you have an endorsement deal that only allows you to “wear brand x” or “drink brand x” in public then you're free to use CloutCredit discounts/benefits using your physical card, online code/links, etc.

For some benefits our partners trade gratis or very heavily discounted products & services in exchange for social media promotion. These benefits outline the terms up-front and require an e-signature (so you'll never unknowingly enter into this type of trade). Some benefits of this nature may conflict with paid endorsements arranged by your agent or manager. You are solely responsible for knowing about any potential conflicts.

Also under CloutCredit™ barters we have a standing policy of non-exclusive deals between our brand partners and influencer members so you don't have to worry about conflicts from SCV. For example if you receive and promote clothing from one of our partners today you can still sign a paid endorsement with a clothing brand tomorrow; as long as your agreed upon promotion has been completed.

Go ahead and promote them, we're sure they won't mind 😉

Our partners social media links/usernames can always be found in the “About” section of their CloutCredit benefit profile.

Absolutely! You're already saving a lot on something you otherwise might've paid full price for so it doesn't hurt to pay it forward and show some love to your favorite brands.

In addition to great karma you can also step-up your cross-promo game…

From your member dashboard you can click on “Promote” which allows you to choose the name of a brand partner and submit a link to a post in which they're mentioned. Our platform automatically routes your submission directly to the appropriate brand manager and chances are they'll repost your content on their official account! More exposure = more followers/engagement = higher social currency value!

For standard CloutCredit discounts you do not because you're still purchasing the merchandise or services.

For some CloutCredit barter trades you'll need to use #sponsored, #ad, or a custom disclosure to comply with FTC and/or FDA social media regulations. We will always tell you when a disclosure is necessary though and provide the specific language.

Brands are inundated with requests from influencers and their reps on a daily basis, many without significant followings or engagement rates.

SCV negotiates the best deals possible for our members on everything you can imagine, in most cases they're benefits which brands won't extend to individuals because it's simply too time consuming for them to evaluate and negotiate every opportunity that comes their way.

Because of our elite and proprietary vetting process, brands prefer to extend benefits to our members. It saves them time, money, and the risk involved with potentially giving things away to self-proclaimed “influencers” without actual clout.

We mainly operate on an honor system but if you agree to a CloutCredit™ trade deal where you receive gratis merch or services and don't provide the required promotion then we reserve the right to terminate your SCV membership. SCV brand partners may also request that you return the merchandise or pay for it at its full retail price. For CloutCredit deals we make all requirements very simple to understand so there are no surprises to our members or brand partners.

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