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Social Currency Ventures® (SCV) is an invite-only organization of influencers with a number of member privileges and career opportunities not available anywhere else.

We’re building an elite family of talent across all categories to be a tight-knit creative clique of clout. SCV members include actors, musicians, models, gamers, entrepreneurs, comedians, adult stars, lifestyle bloggers, and more.

We’re not an MCN or traditional management company so most of what we offer doesn’t conflict with your existing business agreements. SCV is à la carte, which means you can take advantage of as many or as few benefits as you’d like—use only what makes sense for your career. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

CloutCredit™ Affinity Program

CloutCredit is the first and only affinity program for influencers. Members can use their digital or physical CloutCredit™ card to receive private discounts of up to 100% on goods and services from top brands. In addition to everyday member discounts, some brands also offer big-ticket items that you can pay for with your social currency. The terms for these barters are outlined in a straightforward manner and usually consist of posting on social media (such as Instagram and Twitter) or providing a YouTube review or integration.

Social Currency® Capital

Become a venture capitalist using your influence instead of cash. A video today could be worth a million dollars in a few years. We’ve developed a game-changing, patent-pending brokerage model to help awesome startups and give influencers the opportunity to invest in their future using clout as capital.

AMP™ - Assisted Management Platform

Many self-managed influencers don’t want or need traditional management but would greatly benefit from resources and personal guidance to accelerate their careers. Meet AMP™, your Assisted Management Platform. AMP provides tools to help manage your career so that you have more time to create while we bring you paid opportunities. For the campaigns we manage for brands, we take zero commission from members. For other deals completed through us, our cut is a standard 20% as a one-time fee. Use us once in a while or make us your main business contact.

No commitments, zero management contracts, full transparency, and quick payments

InfluenceAIR™ - First-Class & Private Flights

SCV members can book international commercial and domestic private air travel directly with us at wholesale fares not available to the public.* SCV’s negotiated net rates on first- and business-class tickets are up to 60% less than anywhere else. Fly in luxury on Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Emirates, Lufthansa, Qantas, and many more. You’ll even earn points or miles for each flight, just like you normally would.

*An SCV member must be a passenger on each booking, but the same discount fares apply to everyone in your booking.

Private VIP Networking

SCV membership gives you a private profile (not visible to the public or brands) to connect with other members, with features such as friend requests, direct messages, and forums.

RSViP™ Events

RSViP is for event invites and networking. Go to exclusive red-carpet events, get paid to attend and promote launch parties and openings, and network with other SCV members at coordinated Insta-worthy meetups and vacations.

As an SCV member, you can use our RSViP service to invite other members to your events and performances at no cost.

Collective Buying

Most influencers are self-employed, so unless you’re a member of SAG-AFTRA or a similar organization, your only option for buying services such as health insurance is to do so independently. With SCV, we plan to leverage our collective buying power much like a union does to offer preferred group rates on necessities like health, life, car, and renters/home insurance.

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Inferno Records®

Inferno Records® is one of the few indie labels with direct distribution through iTunes and Apple Music. Inferno is also distributed by INgrooves/Universal for all other outlets (Amazon, Spotify, etc.).

Inferno is the in-house music label and publisher for Social Currency Ventures. It offers production, distribution, A&R, and marketing exclusively to SCV members. With a focus on pop, dance, and hip-hop, Inferno has produced music that has been used by American Airlines, Hollister, Wal-Mart, H&M, Claire’s, Staples, and other major brands, plus placements in film and television.

SCV is excited to offer its roster access to Inferno’s vast network of relationships with industry professionals and resources for seamless, successful music releases with the flexibility and creative control of an indie label but the resources and visibility potential of a major. Our innovative business model and artist-first approach give members the freedom of fair, transparent, non-exclusive record and distribution deals on a per-project basis so that your music can receive extensive pushes and reach far beyond self-managed releases. SCV’s platform also adds the potential of streamlined record promotion and content integration by fellow SCV members across social media.

PR & Personal Brand Development

SCV offers members full management services on a case by case basis, including public relations and personal brand development. For this service, we offer a reasonable 12-month management commitment.


Get free swag delivered from SCV brand partners. We fulfill the shipments, so your private information is never shared without permission.

The Social Currency Awards (SCA's)

Be a voting member of the upcoming Social Currency Awards, which recognizes influencers, brands, campaigns, and more using a balanced combination of member, judge, and public voting.

Clout Verification

As part of the most exclusive influencer organization, your SCV membership is the ultimate third-party certification of clout. Membership entitles you to free non-commercial use of our member’s only badge; add it to your website, e-mail signature, and business cards. We also give you an SCV.LA shortlink that displays your public roster profile with social media links and stats. Use it as your main bio link or add it to services such as Linktree.

You also get access to member’s only merch, such as phone cases, clothing, and accessories.

Personal Brand Protection

You are your brand, and brands need protection for everything. From DMCA takedown notices for illegal content usage to registration and enforcement of trademarks and copyrights – SCV provides complimentary templates, resources, and consulting to make sure you fully protect your brand without the inflated and typically unnecessary attorney fees. SCV is your one-stop brand advocate.

Art Collective

SCV arranges group opportunities for members to collaborate, showcase, and monetize their work.



If you’ve received an official membership invitation by e-mail, DM, or text congratulations!

You’ll need your registration link and invite code (expires in 24 hours) provided by your SCV rep.

The instructions are below. It only takes a few minutes to get started.

Check out our pre-membership F.A.Q.’s or reply to your SCV rep and they’ll answer all of your questions.

Please fill out our influencer application.

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